Static Object storage to manage data.

Use our object storage for all your automated backup needs and data recovery plans. No traffic limits and fast connections for fast data restoration!

Object storage is used for storing and managing large volumes of data and it works perfectly for any static storage needs.

Object storage

The only thing that costs something is the storage space!

Itemprice / value
Object storage per 1GB0,0000342€ / hour – estimated 0,02€/month
Available storage in default planUnlimited
10 Gigabit speedIncluded
All the prices are in Euros without VAT. VAT will be included.

The Quick and easy to use storage solution

Web1 offers complete and automatic S3-object storage service that suites most of the data storage needs for with predictable costs.

Best object storage usage cases:

Archiving – Store data which need to be retained for long periods of time for affordable price.

Big Data – Storage large datasets used for analytics. Example logs, sensor data or social media feeds.

Cloud Storage – provide scalable and dynamic storage solution for cloud-based applications and services.

Backups! – Store backup copies for critical data and ensure its availability in the event off data loss or system failure.

Other storage needs? – Don’t worry! Our S3 storage has you covered with a very affordable pricing.

Try our S3 storage – for 10 EUR you get over
200 EUR in credits!

S3 storage is part of our Cloud offering! Just signup and get your 200 free credits today.
You can use them just for the Object storage if you want to!

Common Questions

Yes, Kinda! Our S3-offering is compliant with the same API as the Amazon one. Technically our solution is based on Ceph, but from user perspective you can use it 1:1 just like the AWS one!

Our product works just like AWS one, but we are way much cheaper when you take in account the data transfer fees that you will be paying for every request to AWS!

Our S3 storage is a part of our cloud offering and it has the same payment methods as any other service. You can pay by using Stripe. Stripe offers wide variation of Payment Methods like credit cards. More information from here.