The best Private Cloud from the most reliable Country – Finland

Web1 is a Finnish cloud service provider in Turku. We provide cutting-edge datacenter services and private cloud solutions designed for efficiency and innovation.

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Naturally stable

Finland is located in Northern Europe. It is the country with stable and fast internet connections. Our weather is not the best if you love the Heat, but it is absolutely the best for servers.

Green Energy

Web1 Cloud is powered by solar and wind power 100% of the time.

Reliable & Scalable

Web1 Cloud enables you to add or replace capacity in your infrastructure on the fly with minimal effort and no downtime.

Competitive Pricing

Web1 Cloud is built from the end users’ perspective to make everyday work engaging and more efficient.

In a Nutshell

Web1 cloud is a complete IaaS platform that is suited to a wide range of use from DevOps to application and bare VM-hosting. Our platform can be fully used through a clear GUI or well documented RESTful API depending on your preference.

In addition to standard VM-images we also offer pre-configured applications such as WordPress, Plesk and Magento that you can easily install with just a few clicks.

The platform also offers access management features that you can use to delegate or limit access to specific resources depending on your specifications. This is naturally supported for API and GUI users.

Need to store large amounts of data besides your application? Don’t worry! Our S3 storage has you covered with a very affordable pricing.


High Quality can have low costs

ItemPrice per HourEstimated Price per Month
Virtual Machine CPUs0,006855
Virtual Machine GiB RAM0,004113
Virtual Machine disk GiB0,000140,1
Backup of disk GiB0,000070,05
Snapshot of disk GiB0,000070,05
Windows license (per CPU)0,005484
Object storage0,00003420,02
Unassigned floating IP0,0027397262
Assigned floating IP0,0027397262
Load balancer0,006855
All the prices are in Euros without Tax. Tax will be included.

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What people are saying

Web1 Cloud is absolutely the best home for the Matomo instance. Works very stable!
Jussi Jeskanen
Founder, CTO
Web1 provided a reliable platform for our event to run everything before and during our festival

Common Questions

Finland is located in northern Europe, next to Sweden. Finland is particularly known for the Nokia brand, the cold climate and Kimi Räikkönen. Finland is a pioneer in information technology, and our stable climate, which is conducive to servers, is home to data centers for companies such as Google and Microsoft.

We believe that small is beautiful on servers too. Finland is part of the European Union and has one of the strictest personal data protection laws in the world, called GDPR. We guarantee that all data on our servers will remain within the European Union. The service is priced affordably and we have worked hard to ensure the best value for money.

You can pay by using Stripe. Stripe offers wide variation of Payment Methods like credit cards. More information from here.

Web1 Cloud is based on the Warren software, which is widely used around the world. Warren is a pioneer in scalable cloud computing platform solutions. We are proud to represent Warren as the only one in Finland. Read more about Warren here.