Acceptable Use Policy

1. Scope. This acceptable use policy (“AUP”) is an integral part of the Agreement between Web1 and the Customer. The Customer must ensure that all Users comply with this AUP.

2. User Instructions. The Customer and the Users must follow all user instructions concerning the use of the Service made available to them by Web1.

3. Customer’s Legal Compliance. You must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to you and your use of the Service. Moreover, you undertake to fulfil your contractual obligations towards third parties to the extent such obligations relate to your use of the Service (for example, you have to comply with the licence terms of any third-party software you use within the Service).

4. Illegal, Harmful, Offensive or Disruptive Use of Services. You are not allowed to use the Service for any illegal, harmful, offensive or disruptive purposes (which will be deemed by Web1 in its sole discretion). If you are uncertain whether or not your intended use of the Service could be deemed illegal, offensive or disruptive, you can contact Web1 in advance and request permission for your intended use.

Below are examples of actions and content which Web1 considers to be illegal, harmful, offensive or disruptive (the list is not exhaustive):

A. Illegal, Harmful or Fraudulent Activities

  • Use of Service to engage in, promote or encourage any illegal or fraudulent conduct or activities.
  • Use of Service to store or disseminate terrorist content.
  • Sale or promotion of illegal material, substances or products.
  • Unauthorised access to, or attempting to access, systems, networks or data.
  • Use of a third-party’s user account or computing power without the owner’s authorisation.
  • Collection of user information such as email addresses without the consent of the person identified (phishing).
  • Monitoring of network traffic or data without authorisation.
  • Content or technology that may damage, interfere with, intercept, or expropriate any system, program or data, including viruses, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, malware, etc.

B. Infringing Content or Use

  • Use of Service in a manner that violates, infringes or misappropriates trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, patents, or any other intellectual property rights, or contributes to the said violations, including storage or transfer of, or linking to, such infringing content or sale or promotion of such infringing products or materials.

C. Offensive Content

  • Storage or transfer of, or linking to, content that is harassing or excessively violent, threatening with violence, or inciting to hate, discrimination or violence.
  • Storage or transfer of, or linking to child pornography or content containing non-consensual sexual acts.

D. Disruptive Use of Services

  • You may use, investigate, and modify the operating environment of the Service only within the limits allowed by the user instructions.
  • You may not use the Service in any way that causes security risks to the Service or interferes with the operation of the Service, including
    • intentional or careless use of the Service in excess of a typically expected server load, such as continuously high CPU or I/O use rate,
    • intentional or careless configuration of servers that enables unauthorised third-party access or otherwise lacks adequate security requirements,
    • measures aimed to circumvent, or interfere with the limitations or restrictions in the Service, or monitoring, controlling or charging of the Service by Web1.

E. Mass Emailing or Spamming

  • Sending, distributing, publishing or facilitating the sending of unsolicited mass email or other messages.
  • If you wish to use the Service for sending of bulk e-mail or other mass communications, you may do so only after receiving Web1’s written approval for the planned activity.

5. Enforcement

5.1. We reserve the right to investigate any violations of these Terms and the AUP and to take legal action to enforce our rights. We may report any suspected criminal activity to the law enforcement officials. If you, a User, or anyone else – with or without your authorisation – uses the Service in violation of this AUP, we have the right to suspend your Account, terminate the Agreement, or remove or disable access to the Customer Data in accordance with the Terms of Service.

Web1 has designated a team for investigating all alleged violations of the AUP and enforcing these Terms where necessary. If we take action against you pursuant to the main body of the Terms of Service (e.g. suspended your Account), you have the right to lodge a complaint to our internal complaint handling system via email to [email protected]. If, despite your complaint, our internal complaint handling function upholds the restrictive measures taken against you, then you will have the right to commence arbitration proceedings against us in accordance with the main body of the Terms of Service.